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The size of our entire family farm operation is just over 4000 acres (both owned and rented from landlords). We are totally a No-Till farm operation. Ken was one of the first in our area to adopt and stick with No-Till farming practices. By farming all No-Till, we are able to reduce ground compaction, fuel costs, extensive wear on machinery, and most importantly it
reduces soil erosion.

Soil conservation and being good stewards of the land is a top priority in our operation. We are very proud of the grain we produce because that grain goes on to make food, feed, and fuel. All of our corn is made into snack grits, masa, and the alternative fuel, Ethanol—which is getting more and more attention every day.

A good portion of our soybeans are raised for a local seed company. They clean and process them to be used for seed production. The remainder of our soybeans are sold to be crushed and processed for soy oil which is used for cooking and bio-diesel. We are involved in many things in agriculture other than grain production.

We are owners in Lifeline Foods, LLC and Agramarke Quality Grains which is a corn processing plant (expand from Lifeline’s website) as well as Golden Triangle Energy and East Kansas Agri- Energy which are both farmer owned ethanol plants (expand to GTE and EKAE websites).

We are very up to date with the latest technology. We use GPS mapping, auto-steer, and variable rate monitors on our equipment to name a few. The use of computers keeps us up to
date on marketing, seed genetics, chemicals, fertilizer—all important in making our family farm operation a profitable one, not only for us but also for our landlords.

We are very proud to work with local agricultural companies and with the individuals who put their trust in our work. We truly are a “Family Farm Operation” who takes pride in everything we do.

"Soil conservation and being good stewards of the land is a top
priority in our operation."
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